Business Australia

Formerly The NSW Business Chamber

What do our members say?

“Attending events such as Business Australia is just one of the many benefits of belonging to SGLBA.

Small businesses like mine are hungry for information about employment, insurance, taxation, legislative activities, and other areas.

Together, SGLBA and Business Australia provide rich information and assistance to us to ensure we are all following best practice.” 

Stephen Mally – CEO & Founder

Why Business Australia membership is valuable for our members

SGLBA has been a member of Business Australia (formerly NSW Business Chamber) since 2015. It’s a partnership that enhances the resources and opportunities available to SGLBA members and subscribers, by providing access to a comprehensive range of products and services. Over coming months, we’ll have more to say on that as we feature key aspects of their resources.

Resources to help you today

However, at this critical time, we know the most important thing we can do is to share the information they have been working hard to generate for businesses. And whilst we’ll share that information on our Facebook and LinkedIn platforms, the easiest way to ensure you don’t miss anything is to simply sign up to Business Australia for FREE yourself.

About Business Australia membership

Free membership gives you access to a number of resources, not least of which is an Employer Toolkit containing six critical policies that business owners need right now. These were created by their award-winning legal division, so you know they’re compliant. 

If you employ staff on Modern Awards, you’ll also be able to access those awards, and be notified automatically when they change. In a year when all Modern Awards are being reviewed, and indeed some have already changed, this is critical. You’ll also be able to have one complimentary call with Business Australia’s Workplace Advice Line team.

Most importantly you’ll stay up-to-date with everything COVID-19-related via their homepage.

Business Australia Resources

Business Guides

Tips & Tools

Running a successful business is not a matter of luck. It takes hard work, perseverance and a lot of learning as you go. That’s why Business Australia created a single destination for all things business – saving you time searching for the right answer.


Hear from other Business Australia members

From a cinema that’s been in operation since the 1900s, to a national beer brand, Business Australia members know a thing or two about business. Hear about their journeys and challenges, and what their crucial piece of business advice is.

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