Media Kit

Resources for Members, Partners & Sponsors


The SGLBA has social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We use Eventbrite for all event ticketing. In addition we have two regular emails each month for our primary networking events Lemons with a Twist and Fruits in Suits. In addition, quarterly emails are sent for Long Table Canapés and Networking Women.

Other email communications are used to drive specific information to members and friends for special events.

The following are typical requirements for an SGLBA event:

  • Eventbrite banner image 2160 x 1080 pixels
  • Facebook post image 1200 x 675 pixels
  • Twitter image 1200 x 675 pixels or square 1,000 x 1000 pixels
  • SGLBA Blog – Various dimensions
  • LinkedIn image 1200 x 675 pixels
  • Email newsletter image 600 pixels wide
  • YouTube a personalised invitation is a great idea

Facebook Page


The SGLBA Facebook page is our primary contact point with our members and friends, besides email. With almost 3,500 likes, largely from within Australia and centred in the Sydney basin we enjoy an extensive reach organically and in excess of 15,000 with paid advertising.

Facebook Groups

The SGLBA hosts two very active Facebook Groups. Lemons with a Twist and Fruits in Suits are open, public groups, administered by the SGLBA with thousands of members.

Facebook Groups provide a range of challenges from an administration point of view. While the groups are organic in nature, the conversation is really up to the group members.

The SGLBA uses Facebook Groups as a channel of comms for events and community causes. However, this has to be manually posted and not scheduled, as you can on the Facebook Page.

Your Images

The image size for Facebook, 1200 x 675 pixels. It’s likely the SGLBA will boost your post which means you need to limit the amount of copy. The image should contain your logo and a call to action. We would encourage you to also provide two or three other images for Facebook for general posts for organic reach.

We suggest your logo be located in the center, top half of the image. This enhances the visibility of your logo and the call to action when viewed in various areas of facebook across multiple devices.




At this stage the SGLBA does not use paid advertising with Twitter. If you’d like to include a hash tag for the SGLBA event you’re sponsoring, please include that in your artwork. The SGLBA will use that hash tag across our various channels.

Your Images

We find images can be uploaded and look great using the same dimensions as Facebook, 1200 x 675 pixels. For purposes of marketing an event, it’s best to use a single image. We’d encourage you to use your logo on the image.

Tweets during the event and/or following the event can include up to four images and will typically be posted to the SGLBA Twitter page by a member of the SGLBA marketing team.

Our Blog


The SGLBA Blog is designed to provide members and friends with relevant content to help them grow their business and to build their business skills. With hundreds of members, the opportunity to build an amazing resource is clear with content from you.

The SGLBA blog is open to Networker, Business, Corporate and Life members to provide content they believe is relevant to the greater membership. Sponsors and Partners are invited to contribute as well.

Your Copy

The key request with all blog posts, for members, sponsors and partners, is that the content of your blog not be a blatant advertisement. It just doesn’t work and will not be posted if deemed to fall into this category.

Your Images

We typically use three images for blog posts:

  1. The Featured Image 1200 x 675 pixels
  2. The Hero Image on the actual blog post 1200 x 675 pixels
  3. Social Sharing Image – 1200 x 675 pixels

The Featured Image – this image is seen on the Blog Home page

The Hero Image – this image can be the same image as the Featured Image, however, it’s an opportunity for you to present an additional message or you can use just the image with no copy or logos. Or, it can be a different image, but still in context of your blog post.

Social Sharing Image – This image shown when the blog post is shared via Social Media. When shared, the social post, tweet etc will present this image along with a link to the blog post. Very little copy is the best strategy on this image if you want it boosted by Facebook.

Your Images

Should you wish to include an ad at the bottom of your blog post with a call to action, please submit artwork as .jpg image no wider than 600 pixels and generally no greater than 700 pixels in height. Please also consider the call to action language for use on the button.

If you want to provide general images for your blog post, images to be seen within body of the post itself, please provide these as at least 1200 pixels in width. Height can be whatever works, we may need to crop images to ensure the best presentation of the image in the blog post.

LinkedIn Company Page


The SGLBA’s LinkedIn company page has a growing number of members. As at February 2020, 491 people are following the SGLBA, that’s a 27% increase over the past 12 months.

Our LinkedIn Audience

SOURCE: Linkedin Company Page Analytics – February 2020

Your Images

Because image dimensions for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the same e.g. 1200 x 675 pixels, the one version of artwork can work across all three platforms. The only thing to consider is the placement of your logo, which has more to do with Facebook. If possible, position your logo in the top centre, top half of the image. 

Email Newsletters


The SGBA has almost 4,000 people subscribed to various communications. Our primary newsletters are delivered as follows:

  • Fruits in Suits® – on the Monday before the 3rd Thursday of the month. The deadline for content is the previous Wednesday.
  • Lemons with a Twist* – on the 1st Friday of each month. The deadline for content is the previous Wednesday.
  • Networking Women – Held quarterly, email comms are typically sent 14 days prior to the event with social marketing beginning a month before the event.
  • Long Table Canapés  – Held quarterly, email comms are typically sent 21 days prior to the event with social marketing beginning a month before the event.

*NOTE: Lemons with a Twist is not held in January.

Your Images

All images for email communications must not exceed 600 pixels in width. We request the images be no greater than 700 pixels in height. 

Banners or hero images must not exceed 600 x 250 pixels. Images for use in the body copy of an email, should be 600 pixels wide and no taller than 700 pixels.


Media Kits

Eventbrite Ticketing


Eventbrite provides the SGLBA and members with an easy and familiar way to secure admission to events. The interface provides for a single image with no need for copy, just your logo. Our styling for Eventbrite has the logo on the far right hand side of the image, in the centre. You may choose to do otherwise, we’d encourage you to stick with the placement of your logo as we’ve described.

Your Images

Eventbrite allows for a single banner image. Eventbrite recommends using at least a 2,160 x 1,080 pixels (2:1 ratio) image that’s no larger than 10MB. Click here to learn more on Eventbrite.

Should you wish to provide profile style images for the main body of the Eventbrite page e.g. speakers, presenters at the event, all profile images of your team will be set to 400 x 400 pixels. Please consider the quality of the images when you send them to the SGLBA. 

The SGLBA uses the integration between Eventbrite and Facebook to publish the event directly to our Facebook Event Page. This means the image needs to adhere to the guidelines below to ensure it’s suitable for Facebook.

YouTube Channel


The primary purpose of the SGLBA YouTube Channel is to share videos from events as well as a range of member videos.

We’ve had some sponsors and partners use a video as a way to personally invite people to events. A short video, less than 90 seconds is a great way to outline who you are and provide a compelling reason why people should attend the event. 

Your Video Content

SGLBA’s preference is that you share an event specific video with us as an .MPG4 video that we can upload to our YouTube Channel and then share across our website and social properties.

Should you have specific videos that relate to the event, that may be more promotional in nature, we’re happy to source these from your YouTube Channel and share them on our YouTube Channel and then across our social properties as appropriate.