SGLBA Photographic Policy

SGLBA Photographic Policy
SGLBA photography and video policy

The Association may from time to time take, or other people may take photographs or videos of members and guests at SGLBA functions. These photos / videos may be used in:

  • The SGLBA newsletter and will be made available on the SGLBA web site.
  • Community publications such as community newspapers or web sites. Member’s permission will be sought if the SGLBA proposes to use members or guests photographs in SGLBA material such as brochures and forms, publicity or promotional material which are not of a topical or news nature. 

Members and guests may request that:

  • Photos are not to be taken of them on a particular occasion.
  • Photos taken of them are not to be used in any publications or web site.

Contact the Media & Communications team to log your request.