Networking Women

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” Estee Lauder

How Networking Women can help you

We are committed to providing education, opportunity and increased visibility for SGLBA Networking Women and their colleagues and friends through various events throughout the year.

We understand that business can be a broad definition, and our women members come from a number of industries and sectors. To best meet the needs of all our members, we will focus our efforts to encompass the following areas:

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Health and Wellbeing

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Social & Culture

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Finance & Future Proofing

Our Goals for Networking Women

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Education: Increased education means increased empowerment

Knowledge is power. Networking Women aims to equip women with education and training initiatives to build confidence through learning. Increased knowledge helps alleviate fear, increase self-assurance and leads to better decision-making. It’s this empowerment that women need to succeed in business.

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Opportunity: It’s not about who you know, but who knows you

Networking is key to acquiring new business leads that ultimately become customers or evangelists of your brand. Networking Women provides opportunities for women to grow their business beyond the LGBTIQ community through exposure to a wider audience as well as supporting networking opportunities targeted to specific industries, events and size and scale of business.

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Visibility: A culture of inclusion in the workplace starts with you

Without increased visibility at all levels of business, women will continue to fall behind men in areas of career advancement and opportunity – and this is even more so for LGBTIQ women. Networking women aims to grow the profiles of our women members in business, aimed at increasing diversity within the business media and conferences opportunities, and providing leadership and mentoring to women at various stages of career progression.

“Within business, women face distinctive circumstances and challenges that we operate and succeed within. As we navigate the role hierarchies of our industries, the number of women holding senior positions wanes. Inspiration, talent and ambition to succeed within business transcends any one industry. Therefore, it is imperative that we make use of the opportunities presented to make connections and give and gather advice.”

– Andrea Horton, guest speaker from the Networking Women Brunch

Are You a Networking Woman?

Networking Women’s goal to strengthen the involvement of women in the business community through meaningful business and social events extends women across all career sectors of business and professional life.

We understand that not all women in business have the same requirements from a business networking organisation, and to ensure we cater to the needs and interests of as many women as possible, we have created specific profiles to help us deliver highly targeted outcomes.

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Freelancer/Sole trader

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Small/Medium enterprise

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Climbing Career Ladder

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Executive and Leadership

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Public Sector

How Networking women can help you

Networking women brings together professional and career-focussed LGBTI women from a wide range of industries and sectors. To best capitalise on the expertise we have among our members and increase the value we brings to the business community, we have focused our activities and initiatives into five key categories:

Networking Women is as committed to your career as you are

We’re focussed on helping our members get increased access to the people, input, and opportunities that can grow and evolve their careers.

With a number of sell-out events to our credit, ranging from cocktail parties to brunches and fundraisers, we’re keen to play a key role and fulfil an important need within the business community.  

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