Long Table Business

Our Member’s Voice

Fiona Price is a Networker member and a regular attendee at Long Table Business.

I have been running my own business for over 10 years and have done my fair share of networking. In that time I have been a member of many groups and attended many networking events.

One thing I have learned is that to get the maximum benefit from any is to be selective about those to participate in.

This is why I have chosen the SGLBA’s Long Table Business forum to be one of the few groups I have committed to.

Not only is it an amazingly diverse community but it is a great platform to really get to know your fellow members, the businesses they run and are passionate about.

I love that it is an environment that has multiple opportunity to support its members – starting from the Long Table Forums and extending to many other events on their agenda throughout the year.

Tiz Porreca – Event Strategist, Ajunjo
SGLBA Networker Member

Long Table Business is an exclusive benefit for SGLBA Networker and above members. It is an outcomes-driven breakfast held on the first and third Wednesday mornings of each month. 

Who attends, and why?

If you’re looking for leads and support, then this event is ideal for you. Attended by driven entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their business and attribute tangible return-on-investment to their networking activity.

Held in a boardroom, city-based setting, with like-minded professionals.

This event is exclusively for SGLBA members as part of their membership investment, though guests are welcome to sample 2 sessions.

Guests are welcome to attend, however this is a business event, thus after two events, we request non members to invest in membership, or cease attending.

Where there are multiple representatives from the same profession / industry, the group will discuss any potential conflict at that time.


Registration is required for this event. Please register via Eventbrite for the date you wish to attend.

Long Table Business Format

  • 7.15 – Gather in Foyer of 50 Bridge Street

  • 7.30 – Lift to 35th Floor and settle in to boardroom

  • 7.40 – Individual 30 second elevator pitch

  • 7.50 – Brains Trust – Open Floor Fast Fix of immediate business issues

  • 8.00 – Presentation of day’s topic

  • 8.10 – Discussion time around topic

  • 8.35 – SGLBA & Member Notices

  • 8.45 – Close

NOTE: Meet in the ground floor lobby of the building (near the cafe) between 7:15am – 7:30am from where you’ll be collected to get lift access to the floor. Feel free to pick up a drink and / or bite to eat to bring with you!

Long Table Business Rules of Engagement

  • Participants must be paid-up Networking members of the SGLBA and attend regularly

  • One profession/speciality in the group

  • Participate, contribute to discussion, and meet with LongTable colleagues to fully understand their business

  • Actively participate in attracting new members to the group from time-to-time

  • Where possible you should attend Long Table Canapés and the SGLBA Annual General Meeting


These meetings are facilitated by SGLBA members or guests, and cover topics nominated by group members.  Facilitators vary from time-to-time.  

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Date, venue & cost information

Date: Every second Wednesday of each month.  Meet in lobby near cafe to be let up to L35.

Venue: With thanks to Stephen Hathway of Helm Advisory

Suite 4, Level 35, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney

Cost: Attendance to the sessions is free, as part of SGLBA member’s investment in their business. 

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in facilitating, or joining the group, please contact Christopher Brooks, Long Table Business group leader.