Lemons Live

An entirely new experience, providing performance opportunities for LGBTIQ artists in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTIQ community.

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Our Venue Partner

What is Lemons Live?

Lemons Live is an extension of the SGLBA’s Lemons with a Twist®. Lemons, as it’s known by many, started in October 1999 and has been a staple of Sydney’s LGBTIQ scene for twenty years.

For several years Sydney based artists have struggled to find live performance opportunities with the closure of many venues on the back of state government changes to trading hours and related issues.

Why Lemons Live?

Founded in 1981, the SGLBA is a community-based not-for-profit LGBTIQ business association. Musicians are business people, looking for ways to grow their brand and derive an income. 

We see an opportunity to connect artists with our members and friends in a relaxed Friday night event at Gingers, The Oxford Hotel.

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We are looking for all sorts of performance art – singing, stand up comedy, juggling, burlesque, hula hooping, cabaret, the art of mime – to name a few!

So are you a performer looking to share your talents in this magical space? Don’t be scared, get in touch! 

Gingers, in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTIQ community at the Oxford Hotel, offers Las Vegas-style lounge seating, providing excellent views of the stage and our artists.