Promote your business in 60 seconds

The 60 Second Soapbox is an opportunity for Networker & Business members to take the stage at Fruits in Suits and give your “elevator pitch”. 

How Do I Participate?

Contact the Events team and advise you’d like to take part. The team will determine which event has an available slot, typically it’s one presenter per event.

Resources to help you

  1. Visit our Media Kit to determine the images etc that we will need to help promote your business.
  2. Don’t like public speaking? Click here to read at article from Forbes.com “A Quiet Person’s Guide To Effective Public Speaking”.

More than just 60 Seconds

As part of the overall experience, we want to make sure you get the best possible exposure for your business or organisation. However, it’s largely up to you how much you participate.

Minimum Participation

  1. Present on stage at Fruits in Suits
  2. Provide an “offer” for SGLBA members. This could be a door prize or an ongoing discount of your products or services.

Additional Opportunities

The following marketing opportunities exist for Networker and Business members:

  1. You can provide copy for a blog post, prior to your 60 Second Soapbox.
  2. The Media & Communications team will publicise your blog post across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and additional social sites managed by the SGLBA.
  3. If you haven’t already, we invite you to submit your details for your Business Member Page.