What our members say

Suzanne Sheldon - Business Member

I joined the SGLBA in order to take advantage of the opportunity to network with other professionals who are gay friendly who also understand the excitement and the challenges that come with building a business. Being featured on the SGLBA website as a Business Member and receiving a Business Showcase with the Sydney Star Observer are really exciting ways to connect with and support the LGBTQI community.

Stephen Hathway - Member

We have been hosting the SGLBA Long Table Business networking events for over ten years. We find great value in our our fortnightly discussion group. All welcome.

Malcolm Day - Member

SLGBA is a must for any professional wanting to participate in the gay and lesbian community. It provides safe platforms beyond the bar and dance party scenes to meet and grow within the community, and allows you to be yourself and to have fun in doing it!

Tim Daly - Life Member

Fruits in Suits was the first official gay event I went to when I came out in 1997. Shortly after, I joined the SGLBA and have been a member ever since. I was on the Board for 10 years. I have the SGLBA to thank for helping me to become deeply involved in the LGBT and general communities in Sydney and for some very happy and memorable times and close friends. The SGLBA has also helped to generate thousands of dollars into my business.

Michael Turkic - Member

SGLBA is a terrific way for us to engage with the LGBTQI business community, whose aims, like iCACM is to promote diversity.

Anthony Venn-Brown - Life Member

The SGLBA, since 2000 has been my primary networking event and the source of not only business opportunities but also good friendships.

Bronwyn Carabez - Member

Bronwyn keeps here muse and inspiration close to her chest, but she reveals that the SGLBA’s Fruits in Suits became her market research lab. I talked with a lot of boys (and a few girls too) about what they would like to wear, finding the balance between elegance and masculinity. After a few trials and errors, I am very pleased with my first male collection, The Carabez Hombre Ruiz collection that features a natural pearl on a coiled neoprene wrap.

Scott Quine - Life Member

I have been going to Fruits in Suits 1996 and loved every one/moment. Fruits has been very good to me. I decided some years ago to give back my thanks to the SGLBA and Fruits by becoming a Board Member, which lasted 6 years and included a stint as President. Fruits (like most things) is what you make of it and I’m sure the current and future participants will continue to embrace it as it evolves in the future.

Christopher Brooks - Member

SGLBA have enabled me to connect with other small business owners and establish a support network of people who have ultimately become friends. I’ve been a member since 2006 and I currently lead the Long Table Business (LTB) meetings. We meet each fortnightly in the City for breakfast in one of our member’s boardroom. It’s a great way to grow your business and network. Get in touch if you want to come along.

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