Stephen Peoples

Stephen Peoples joined the SGLBA in 1998 and was a regular attendee at Fruits in Suits and dinners. Under the presidency of Simon Davies it was truly a dynamic and welcoming organisation of which to be a Member.

It was not until 2004 that an opportunity arose to join the Board and I was duly elected at that year’s AGM to the position of Fruits in Suits / Events Director. The Board embarked on an ambitious plan to hold Fruits in Suits across a myriad of bars in the CBD and the inner east.

In 2005 Stephen was elected as President, a position he held for three terms. Fortunate to be a part of a very capable team of Directors, the SGLBA ramped up its activities and services for Members and regularly hosted events for Sydney’s GLBTIQ community organisations. With an emphasis of personal attention and member development, the SGLBA regained its position as the nation’s pre-eminent GLBTIQ community organisation with a business focus.

Stephen was honoured with Life Membership in 2009.

In early 2011 Stephen farewelled Sydney for Melbourne. Of course the first community organisation that he joined was Globe Melbourne, sibling organisation to SGLBA. In 2012 Stephen was elected as Secretary of Globe Melbourne, a position that he continues to hold.

Stephen’s admiration and interest in all things SGLBA has not abated and he can occasionally be seen at Fruits in Suits on the occasional visit to Sydney.