Networker Membership

Please complete the form below for Networker Membership. The final step is your credit card details. When you click CONTINUE after entering your card details, the form will validate your card details and then ask you to PAY NOW.

Once you click on PAY NOW, the page will reload and you’ll be taken to a confirmation page. We will also send you an email with a PDF Receipt attached.

Once your payment is successful, your application will be submitted for approval. In accordance with our Constitution, memberships must be formalised at the next meeting of the board, usually the second Wednesday of each month.

Upon validation of your membership, you will receive a confirmation email. Your membership card will be generated and posted to you at the commencement of the next month. During this period, you are entitled to member benefits.

Contact our Members Services team if we can be of further assistance. We look forward to seeing you shortly.

About This Form

The details captured here are entered into our Membership CRM, Salesforce. Access to the CRM is limited to members of the SGLBA Board.

Personal information like:

  • Date of birth
  • Income bands
  • Gender &
  • How you identify

is used in two ways.

  1. The data is aggregated to provide an overall picture to potential sponsors and partners to help them understand the diversity and makeup of our membership.
  2. To help us tailor communications to you based on your current employment, your industry and job role.

Why Donate?

Since our inception in 1981, the SGLBA has been a not-for-profit organisation. Our Objects of Association don’t allow us to run at a profit, however prudent management of all funds to ensure we meet our financial obligations, is required.

Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars has been provided to LGBTI community organisations across Sydney.

In 2019, we established The Education Fund to provide scholarships to individuals to study in a business or commerce-related area in order to improve their life, their businesses and therefore the lives of others within our community.

Your contribution to this fund helps the SGLBA and you, deliver much needed financial resources to the community.