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I am finance professional who migrated from Singapore more than 6 years ago to beautiful Australia where I now call home.

Having resided in Sydney ever since completing his Masters of Professional Accounting degree from Macquarie University, I love Sydney for its beautiful people, multicultural influences, gorgeous beaches and scenery and the freedom to love and be accepted for whoever you are. Back in Singapore, I had worked in multi-national banks like Credit Suisse, Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland and also started my own business (not related to finance) before coming over to Sydney, Australia. It was challenging getting a job in Sydney without knowing anyone and my first full-time job was in Westpac as a personal banker in the eastern suburbs.

I had to start all over again in my career when I put my Singapore career on halt and started from scratch, but I really love my job meeting and helping people, knowing about their lives and businesses and what I do for them make an impact. With my job at Westpac, I was lucky to obtain further experience in lending and business banking which will lead me on to building my own business and being able to further assist my client in their financial goals.

Due to the fact that I am very passionate about property and property finance, having being a home owner and investor previously in Singapore and now in Australia, I want to help others achieve the financial goals, have a choice and good advice when purchasing properties in Australia. I had spent tremendous amount of time at work or outside work understanding the dynamics and technical-know-how in the industry. 

When I left banking for broking, I felt I am able to give my future clients better service and more options, and thus took the risk of giving up my cushy banking job for a commission only role with a Chinese company in order to further learn the ropes. Running a business was not easy, having to work 7 days a week for the first 1.5 years, requiring one to build networks, prospect leads and referrals. It gives me immense satisfaction when i get recognition from my clients for finding the best solution to suit their needs. My company, Lionel finance aims to bring service to another level, customising solutions for your residential, investment, commercial, business and personalised lending needs

Having attended a few fruits in Suits events in 2018, I met some really nice people there including someone who is a business member and once was a committee member for the SGLBA. I was encouraged to use this great platform to expand my network. In the past, I go to plenty of business, social and networking events which was beneficial to my business to a certain extent, however I really wanted to be myself in a community of people who accept me for who I am and also to get to know more LGBTI people in the community.

– Lionel Lye
Finance Broker

Lionel Finance

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