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Carabez Hombre is the new creation of Bronwyn Carabez, the woman behind Carabez Bespoke Jewellery. The idea to create an exclusive jewellery range for men had been simmering for a while says Bronwyn.

“As a bespoke jewellery designer, I do a lot of engagement and wedding rings, but after over 20 years of designing these pieces I was looking for a new challenge.” 

That challenge came to Bronwyn after a trip to Europe, where she noticed a lot of men wearing elegant and exclusive, yet masculine jewellery. Returning from Europe, she started to research the Australian market. “I could not find anything that ticked the all boxes” she recalls. She found the items were either cheap and mass-produced or over the top expensive items from the top end luxury brands. 

Bronwyn keeps here muse and inspiration close to her chest, but she reveals that the SGLBA’s Fruits in Suits became her market research lab. I talked with a lot of boys (and a few girls too) about what they would like to wear, finding the balance between elegance and masculinity. After a few trials and errors, I am very pleased with my first male collection, The Carabez Hombre Ruiz Collection that features a natural pearl on a coiled neoprene wrap.   

Carabez has been renowned for its uncompromising standard of excellence in jewellery design and manufacture. Carabez bespoke jewellery has forged a tradition of collections and signature pieces that were designed and handmade by master craftsmen using traditional techniques whilst sourcing the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

Each beautiful piece of jewellery is made with very close consultation with the client, ensuring the perfect individual creation that will last for generations. Carabez offers expert advice on selecting diamonds and making exquisite handcrafted diamond pieces and creations for discerning people like you.

I created a men’s range of jewellery and the SGLBA is a perfect vehicle to create brand awareness of my business. What I have created is a unique range of jewellery designed by men, for men, to cater for the gap in the market for discerning clientele seeking on-trend, High End Fine Jewellery.

The SGLBA offers unique networking opportunities with individuals, small business and large corporates that gives me a wide range of exposure. As a member of the SGLBA I have had the opportunity to mix with a diverse range of the community which includes all age groups.

-Bronwyn Carabez
Managing Director
SGLBA Networker Member

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