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Your exclusive importer and distributor of Prost Beer in Australia

Prost Beer is Indonesian Premium Lager Beer produced using high quality Ingredients from 3 continents. 

Golden Malt imported from Europe is one of our secret ingredients, along with triple hops imported from both German and the USA.

Prost Beer is vegan-friendly beer, processed without using eggs, dairy, honey and animal product. 

Prost Beer characteristics include crisp, smooth, clean finish, easy to drink and satisfying bitterness.

To ensure a sustainable environment, we are using the aerobic system to fully treat the wastewater. Additionally, our control equipment includes own pond and paddy fields. For us, Eco-friendly is non-negotiable.

PROST! event is another division under 7 Pelangi Pty Ltd with the aim to promote and broaden Prost Beer exposure through various events.

Some of our client’s range includes Marble Bar (Hilton Sydney), Solo Newtown, Dynasty Karaoke & Bar, Mr B’s Hotel, The Century Bar and many more.

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