Blog Topical Guide

The outline below provides you with some ideas around specific seasonal considerations for your blog post. For example, if you’re an accountant you may want to post your blog around May or June in preparation for the end of Financial Year. If you’re a personal trainer, you may want to schedule posts for December or January.

Submission Deadlines

Please provide at least two weeks notice for your blog post. Don’t send it through on Sunday expecting it to be posted on Monday. Blog posts can be submitted and scheduled to post weeks or even months in advance. If you’re that prepared, that’s awesome. We’re happy to accommodate you.

“My research, experience, and data all point to long-form content performing better in social sharing, search indexing, organic traffic, and conversions. If you’re regularly creating content that is in the 1,000- to 1,500-word range, you’re doing well. If most of your articles are about 200 to 300 words then you could probably beef up a bit. ” Neil Patel – Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert.

Suggested Topics

The topics below are simply a guide, but will give you a feel for the type of content we’re looking for. As you may or may not be aware, there is significant benefit to you from an SEO point of view, to post in locations other than your own website or blog. Google is constantly evaluating your online presence, one way they do this is to look for as many sources as possible where they can find you. The SGLBA blog is a great place for you to be ‘found’.

  • “Why I do what I do” A blog post talking about your career, what you’ve achieved and how you achieved it? Share with people specifics about your career and what you’ve done to get to where you are. Tips for people to learn from your own experience.
  • “Challenges you’ve overcome”. We’ve all faced challenges in the workplace. These could be general challenges, they could be challenges based on who you are e.g. your sexuality. Have you “come out” to colleagues? What was that experience like? What tips would you have for others?
  • “Starting your own business” Making the break from a corporate salary to the irregular income of starting your own business can be a huge leap of faith. How did you determine the time was right? What do you think were the five key points you had to in order to achieve what you have today? Share these with other members.
  • “Managing Staff”. Whether as a business owner or as a manager in a business, what tips would you share with others?
  • “Marketing & Sales” As a business owner, these two components are critical. Without a team to manage these processes or teams, what have you achieved? What’s worked well for you? Has a website and social media helped you extended your reach and sell more to a great mix of customers?