Social Media Policy

Rules of Engagement

The SGLBA Facebook Groups are for:

  1. Current SGLBA members and guests to share photos and experiences of SGLBA events they’ve attended.
  2. Current SGLBA members to communicate, promote and share information about their business and/or special offers with the SGLBA community.
  3. Members can post about their SGLBA member business up to twice during any calendar month.
  4. Non-member businesses and organisations to share and promote “special offers and discounts” to the SGLBA community.
  5. Non-members can post no more than once during any month. Your post must contain a special offer/discount to SGLBA members or it will be deleted.
  6. Community organisations to share information about upcoming events / announcements with the group.

Spamming the page will result in all material being removed. Further Spamming of the page will result in being removed from the page.