Annual Reports

Our Mission: To increase corporate and business opportunities for members through regular networking, business and social events, and through the promotion of the LGBTIQ community in the wider business community.

2019/2020 Annual Report

The past term has been a busy, exciting and yet challenging one for the SGLBA, and the Directors are to be congratulated for their contribution and commitment.

As a volunteer lead organisation, all the directors and board associates lead busy lives and careers, but still find the time to give back to the community.  And I would like to thank all directors for their commitment throughout the past 12 months.

It is good to see that the number of board associates has increased this year from 2 to 6.  This shows that we are inspiring people to help us make the community a better place.  It also shows that as an organisation, we are making a positive impact on your community.

Whilst the backend of the financial year was impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the SGLBA still made some significant achievements in the past 12 months.”

Katherine Maver, President
2018 – 2021

2018/2019 Annual Report

“The past term has been a busy and exciting one for the SGLBA, and the Directors are to be congratulated for their contribution and commitment over the last 12 months. As a volunteer lead organisation, all the directors lead busy lives and careers, but still, find the time to give back to the community.

However, sometimes life and careers need to take a priority and this led to the loss of Emma Hunt, Blake Mason and Jarrod Lomas during the last 12 months. I would like to thank these individuals and assure them that we would welcome them back on the board anytime their circumstances change. But with loss there is always growth, and I am pleased that Natasha Badrov and Jonny Heron were able to join the board during the last term.”

Katherine Maver, President

2017/2018 Annual Report

“The past term has been a successful one for the SGLBA, and the Directors are to be congratulated for their contribution and commitment.

Not only did the association deliver a positive result as we forecast at last year’s AGM, but at a Strategy day at the beginning of the term, we identified a set of strategic goals that I believe will set the association up for continued growth and evolution in the future. Those goals centred around Membership, Financials, Marketing, Partnerships, and Corporate Governance.

The association returned a positive financial result of $8,584.91. This is the outcome of prudent financial management by the team, and the first full-year benefits of significantly reduced costs associated with our new CRM / web platforms.”

Mark Haines, President

2016/2017 Annual Report

“The 2016-2017 year was one in which we incurred a number of expenses. No organisation likes to report a loss, and the SGLBA is no exception.

Some of the expenses were unforeseen, but those that were planned were incurred with the overarching objective of enhancing benefits to members, improving governance, and reducing ongoing costs. All of these are important objectives for the association.

I am confident these initiatives will result in increased membership and sponsorship.”

Mark Haines, President

2015/2016 Annual Report

“Many of our community’s long-established organisations were born of the need to provide a safe place for LGBTI people to meet; or to support a special cause such as business, health, or equal rights – to name just a few. Like the LGBTI community itself, those organisations have grown and evolved to react the changing needs of the community they serve. The SGLBA is no different. Thankfully, it is no longer necessary to meet out of the public eye, or ‘on the quiet.’ Nowadays, we actively encourage everyone to engage with the SGLBA; be they LGBTI or allies. It is a reflection of the LGBTI community’s acceptance by, and integration with, the broader community.”

Mark Haines, President

2014/2015 Annual Report

“In 2016, the SGLBA celebrates 35 years. Quite the accomplishment for an organisation conceived in an era when homosexuality was still illegal in NSW and meeting like- minded business professionals was not as easy as it is today. Much has changed. During that time, the association has evolved from a group of community members meeting to provide career and business support to one another, (often at someone’s home), to an organisation that is nearly 400 members strong from across the Sydney business community – be it sole traders, small businesses, entrepreneurs, or employees of large corporations.”

Mark Haines, President

2013/2014 Annual Report

2012/2013 Annual Report

“I am pleased to report to Members our outcomes for the year-ending 30 June 2013.

It has been a busy term, throughout which we have achieved much. As we have in the past, we commenced the year with a Strategy & Planning meeting, at which we welcomed a number of new Directors to the team, and agreed our goals and objectives for the year ahead.”

Mark Haines, President

2011/2012 Annual Report

“Our new tiered membership model, recently rolled out (work commenced last year, completed this year) aims to meet the differing needs of members; a model that links engagement with value and benefit. We continue to expand the value members derive from their association and participation in the organisation; part of the strategy to build even greater member engagement.

The recent price increase for both basic Membership and Fruits1 guest entry, the first in 7 years, was a decision not taken lightly by the Board and was driven by the need to offset increasing event costs and pricing demands from suppliers (in the post 2010 economic ‘environment).”

Paul Lee-Maynard, President

2010/2011 Annual Report

“The SGLBA awarded two scholarships under its Scholarship Program during 2010/2011. Scholarships of $1,500 each have been awarded to a student studying Business Administration at the Australian Graduate School of Management and a student studying a Bachelor of Commerce.

At a detailed planning meeting in January, the Board developed a Corporate Plan, defining a number of key initiatives along with performance metrics for both the 2010/11 and 2011/12 years.”

Paul Lee-Maynard, President

2009/2010 Annual Report

“It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to report to the Association on the outcomes of this our 29th year of continuous service to our Members. During this term, the Board met 12 times for a regular monthly meeting, kicking off with an initial planning meeting in which portfolio responsibilities were allocated. In addition, the Board met as part of an initiative to review the Objects (and Rules) of Association and also as smaller sub-committees, tasked with progressing a number of events.”

Paul Lee-Maynard, President