The 2019/20 Annual General Meeting was held via Zoom on Thursday 29th October from 6:30 pm – 7:35 pm.

As a result of the recent Special General Meeting held on 29 June 2020, where it was agreed that members have the ability to directly vote for the Office Bearer positions, elections were held for the roles of President  and Treasurer. 

The positions for Vice President and Secretary received only one nomination and those individuals were elected without the need for a ballot. However,  since more than 1 nomination was received for President and Treasurer, then the independent returning officer (Paul Rankins) conducted a ballot for these positions as well as for the role of Elected Director where 9 nominations were received for the 6 positions available.

The result of these ballots was as follows: 

The members have their say

Katherine Maver


The members have their say

Christopher Brooks


The members have their say

Christopher Colwell


The members have their say

Scott Duncombe


The elected Directors were:

The members have their say

Shari carr

The members have their say

Alki Georgallis

The members have their say

Andrew Mackay

The members have their say

Mark Morrison

The members have their say

Michael Rogers

The members have their say

Natacha Saba

Thank you for your service to the LGBTIQ community

The SGLBA wishes to thank outgoing Directors, Jonathan Heron, Ben Cabello, Kathleen Conner, Aaron Hammond and Cesar Moreno for their service to the organisation.

Three years a charm, Katherine Maver re-elected as President.

Katherine Maver was first elected President in 2018 and this will be her third term as President.  Katherine is the fourth female President of the association, following Linda Pace (1985-89), Gina Machado (1998-99), and Vicky Brackenreg (2001-03) and the first trans woman to be President. 

Katherine said:

“I am very honoured and humbled to have been elected to represent and serve the membership for a 3rd term. Thank you, the members, for all  your ongoing support and friendship.

“I want to congratulate all of the directors and I look forward to the privilege in working alongside all of you in the next 12 months”

Name change feedback

In addition to the election and the normal business of the AGM, the Name Change Committee, consisting of three  Board members (Christopher Colwell, Kat Conner and Cesar Moreno)  and three SGLBA members (Jack Whitney, Craig Barbour and Stephen Warner), reported on the name change consultation process agreed at the last AGM. 

The key finding was that the results were inconclusive and a large proportion of the membership has indicated being undecided (32%) on any name change.  Further 62% of members felt that the name was adequately inclusive enough already and this is broadly consistent with the current membership profile as almost 70% of the current membership self-identify as gay. 

Therefore, the Name Change Committee suggests that membership support for any name change would largely depend on what name was chosen for those in the undecided category to be shifted to being either for or against. 64 members provided a potential new name. The most popular alternative name suggested was Sydney Pride Business Association/Network or some variant of that. 

The free text commentary did note that while Pride had not been readily adopted in Australia, the upcoming World Pride celebration in Sydney in 2023 could be a catalyst to change recognition of that term.

Two other strong themes emerged in the free text responses in relation to any new name selected. These were to avoid the use of “the acronym”  and the word “queer” in any new name (as it had negative connotations for many). 

A number of other suggestions in relation to the scope, regional positioning and structure of the SGLBA also emerged in the commentary and many of these suggestions and ideas are worth investigating. 

The Annual General Meeting resolved to accept the report and  to continue engagement with members and other interested stakeholders on the findings of this survey, including the future structure, branding and any potential change of name.