Have you ever started to shop around for ideas on rings for your special day and experienced confusion around different carat gold, widths & thickness of rings when against price?  YES!!

It can be very daunting finding the right advice, so SGLBA member Michele, your QUALIFIED family jeweller, has some helpful advice. You will also find weekly posts on Michele’s facebook page, Jewellery design by Michele providing essential tips and things to be wary of when purchasing weddings rings and other jewellery.

Choosing your carat gold and colour.

Your choices of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold are available in 9ct or 18ct and 14ct on request. 9ct is your harder metal as it has the most content of copper & silver against content of pure gold (24ct). But 18ct holds your closer carat to pure gold and the richer colours in the gold.

Example: The 18ct yellow is a nice rich yellow but if you are wearing the ring for manual work it will tend to scratch a little more and 18ct white gold has a brighter white look than 9ct white gold. Rose gold tends to have a nicer “rose look in 18ct, than a coppery look in 9ct rose gold”.

Yellow gold and Rose gold are easier metals to understand colour and carat, but white gold can be the more confusing metal. The ultimate white gold is the natural “PLATINUM”, although this is the more expensive gold of all,  then there is your white gold, which in 18ct white gold or 9ct white gold-all are manufactured metals.

Some are harder and whiter than others, my advice is always ask whether the white gold metal has a platinum, nickel or palladium content, ensuring a lasting colour of white gold, not a yellow tinge, once the ring is worn a little.

As a qualified jeweller, my number one tip is to always try to shop where you can ask for a jeweller to answer your questions & guide you.

Pricing will depend on the design difficulty in making, width and thickness of the ring and the carat gold will determine the price (9ct gold being the cheaper material when compared to 18ct gold).

Special offer for SGLBA Members

I offer a 15% discount on items purchased from me , or your special same sex wedding rings made to order. I am available to discuss your jewellery needs at Fair Day this year – 10am till 6.30pm or by any appointment if you wish to visit me in Tuncurry, Micheles Jewellers

My top 5 tips are:

  1. Choose your preference 9ct gold or 18ct, yellow/rose or white gold,
  2. Choose if you prefer a plain band, a pattern band, diamond set band or a coloured stone band. I custom make all my “Rainbow stone set” wedding bands, you can view them on my web page,
  3. Decide if you would like a narrow ring or a wider ring,
  4. Do not buy a wedding ring that is too thin, ask if the band thickness” is 1mm or thicker,
  5. Always talk to a qualified jeweller about your enquiries, as counter staff usually don’t have technical advice on specialist items like wedding bands.

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