2017 A Year In Review

I look back at 2017 proud of what we have accomplished, both as an association, and more broadly, as a community.

New Website Launched

From the SGLBA’s perspective, I’m most proud of the rollout mid-year of our new website; an accomplishment that has reduced related costs to the association, will give us an insight to our database that we could previously only dream of, and provide our members’ businesses with greater visibility – not least if you have submitted your specs for your Business Landing Page (if not, contact Member Services and we can get that happening for you!).

New Constitution

I’m also proud that we adopted a new Constitution at our recent AGM. Whilst this may not be the most exciting news to some, it is a critical piece for any organisation.

Networking Women

We also delivered a very well-received Networking Women’s event in July with Clementine Ford, Liberty Sanger and Fran Kelly.

Marriage Equality

As a community, the successful passage of Senator Dean Smith’s amendment to federal legislation relating to the Marriage Act, was a stand-out achievement. Dean is in fact a former Director of the SGLBA, having run Fruits in Suits® for two years in the mid-2000’s, something I only recently learned myself!

I’d also like to acknowledge the team at Australians For Equality for co-ordinating such a positive campaign.  It was also a wonderful demonstration of how well the LGBTI community works as one when it joins together for a common cause. Whilst it was a pity it took so long, and that the LGBTI community had to be put through the trial of a postal vote, the outcome was no less monumental nor memorable. 

Marriage Equality Survey Announcement | Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, 15 November 2017

Marriage Equality Survey Announcement | Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, 15 November 2017

Of course, it was significant not just for those couples wanting to marry, but for the many businesses that will benefit from an uptick in spending. Many millions of dollars will now stay in the local economy instead of being spent overseas. 

The Year Ahead

Throughout 2018, the SGLBA will be rolling out additional benefits for its members, and in particular cementing its partnership with the NSW Business Chamber. We’re looking forward to offering members:

  • Free access to Workplace Advice hotline services
  • Free attendance at quarterly ‘Perfect Your Pitch’ sessions,
  • Free attendance at monthly NSW Business Chamber networking events

and much more – so watch this space for many opportunities to put your business out there.

We’ll be delivering more Long Table Canapés events, Lander & Rogers legal info sessions, Networking Women’s events, and perhaps even a mid-year dinner!

These are all designed to help you promote your business, grow your professional network, and gain knowledge.

2018 Fair Day

2017 A Year In Review
2017 A Year In Review
2017 A Year In Review

To join us at Fair Day and save $395 on stall fees in the process, check out the Networker+ member special offer here and book your stall before 18 January. It’s a fantastic opportunity to promote your business.     


To become an SGLBA member, or to renew your lapsed account, contact us at members@sglba.org.au to discuss the benefits, or simply check it out online at SGLBA Memberships.

In Closing

I’d like to thank the SGLBA team for their efforts; a group of passionate, skilled, and committed volunteers who I am proud to work with and incredibly grateful to.

On behalf of the team, thank you for your support. I wish you and yours a safe, happy, and successful 2018.

About Mark Haines – SGLBA Networker Member

An established Operations and Customer Service professional with over 15 years experience leading Contact Centres, and 4 years experience in Operations. Proven record in reviewing and improving Contact Centres, cost reduction, budget management, new site set up, and staff development. 

Accomplished in internal and external stakeholder engagement from department to board levels, both locally and internationally.

Mark is currently President of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association, a volunteer role.