For anyone that has not been to this amazing event on the LGBTIQ+ calendar every year. It’s a must. When I say a must, I mean save every penny you can so that you can afford to go. This isn’t your usual $60 – $100 ticket, but when you take into account what you get and maybe more importantly what you are able to give, it is worth every penny.

The excitement starts months in advance when the Aurora Group starts dropping hints about this year’s theme. From here on, there is a lot of planning, chatting and scheming trying to find out what the theme for that year’s ball will be and bribing anyone involved with it so that you can find out in advance… Nothing is out of bounds here, at all.

Then finally the Aurora Group reveals the theme for the night and the online chatter forums starts to buzz with your fellow Aurorians, scoping out their outfits and maybe more importantly, the other outfits so you can go one better.

From here on there are planning days, costume designers, jewellery, shoes, hat-or head pieces, hair and of course which table do you want to sit at this year. Who will be the belles of the ball this time? All this and more to think about and make sure no one is wearing your costume, and if they are, make sure something dreadful happens to it (or them) depending on how much you love/hate them. Like I said, nothing is out of bounds for this Annual Event, the fabulous Aurora Ball.

Then of course we wait while we are being spoon-fed more and more information such as the entrainment, speakers, performers, and possible secret performers.

The International Convention Centre

This year’s ball, which was held for the first time at the magnificent ICC (International Convention Centre) at Darling Harbour, the Aurora group managed to almost double the amount of tickets sold.

Double the tickets means more funds for the Aurora Group to give as grants to youth community support organisations like Twenty10, The Counselling Service and the likes.

These organisations do not receive much if any funds from Government Departments, which makes the donations from the Aurora Group a vital part of their funding and their ability to service the community.

So please, if you have never been, get chatting to some of your friends near and far to find out more about this fabulous event.

On the exterior, it’s about dressing up (as opposed to get undressed, which we normally tend to do) for the occasion, see and be seen by the who is who in the community, rub shoulders with Local, State and Federal Government heads as well as major corporations supporting the night and make sure you have a ball.

But just as much as the glitz and glamour, it’s an amazing opportunity to give back to our community and support organisations that helps kids within our community that are not yet ready to be the Queen of the Ball.

Contact The Aurora Group

For more information contact The Aurora Group at or  

The SGLBA & The Aurora Group

Each year the SGLBA secures at least two tables, 20 seats, which are then offered to members at a discounted rate. The discount is available to all members of the SGLBA, your membership needs to be current at the time of purchase. Contact our Member Services team if you have any questions.

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