By way of introduction, my name is Cath and I lead the Networking Women arm of the SGLBA. I’m in the blogging box seat this month to tell you about our first major event under the relaunched Networking Women arm of the association. With that in mind, read on…

Knowledge is Power

We’ll provide the Knowledge. It’s up to you what you do with the Power.

When I said yes to taking an active role in relaunching SGLBA’s Networking Women, I did so with the idea that while we didn’t have things completely our way in a number of key areas (a list that could circle the world twice and cure insomnia when read aloud), it could be worse. And then it actually got worse when a guy caught on audio bragging about grabbing women by the pussy became the leader of the Free World.

In the many – and often robust – discussions I’ve had with friends and colleagues about this, I’ve come to realise not every woman took it personally – but many, myself included, did. Why am I telling you this? Because it framed what I wanted to do for our first Networking Women Premiere Event. All women (not just the ones who network), have to do more now than ever to support and look after each other. And that starts here.

Before I tell you what we’re doing, I wanted to thank the incredible women on the committee that are working to make it happen. Joy Toma, Ali Jaffee,  Natasha Badrov and Kate Radcliffe  –  it’s been an almighty stoke working with you on this – and I can’t wait to host this alongside you.

Our first event features some of the smartest, funniest, bravest and most accomplished women I know of. We’ve assembled three fantastically different women with a shared passion for seeing us succeed in all walks of life:

Some smart women play by the rules. Some play with fire. Which one are you?

Clementine Ford

Author of Fight Like A Girl (mandatory reading for every female on the planet), Google Clem and you’ll understand quickly the definition of guts and tenacity.

On the days when I think as women, we are nowhere, I go and read Clem. She is the literary equivalent of the badass Amazon Warriors from Wonder Woman. And she’s on your side.

Liberty Sanger

A Principal and Board member at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Liberty’s long list of legal achievements is epic, but that isn’t the hat she’s wearing at this event. 

A long time campaigner and advocate for women via her involvement and leadership on various boards and associations made her an excellent choice as the Chair of the Equal Workplaces Advisory Council created by the Victorian Government to promote gender equality across the public and private sector. You know that thing about Knowledge being Power? You’ll get to see that up close and personal with Liberty on the panel.

Fran Kelly

In an age of dumbed down media, Fran’s sharp intellect and journalistic excellence in the area of current affairs and politics stands out like an appearance by Margaret Court at a Marriage Equality Event. When covering the Labor Party leadership battle between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating in 1991, Fran notes “I remember standing in the pack in the corridor outside the PM’s office, and being right up at the front of the crush, asking questions of Kim Beazley.

I also remember not being intimidated, which is when I realised that this was probably the job for me.” Unapologetically terrifying federal politicians ever since, Fran hosts the ABC’s Radio National program, Breakfast.

Together, Clementine, Liberty and Fran will set the stage for challenging conversation and ideas. By being a part of it, I hope you’ll find yourself excited, inspired, pissed off, relieved, empowered, provoked, enlightened and aware.

You may feel all or only some of those things – but the important thing is, that you will feel something. Then we’re going to give you the practical tools and resources to take what you’ve felt and learned and apply it to your everyday life.

If we can do that, then as women, we are somewhere.

There will be plenty more surprises about the event that we’ll be revealing in the next few weeks – so keep across updates on social media and look out for a few more emails from me!

Also, you may have guessed this is an event primarily aimed at women. That doesn’t mean we’re excluding men. But men who want to attend will pay an extra 16% for a ticket to reflect the latest percentage in the gender pay gap.

And lastly,  we have 200 tickets only – and this event will sell out, so to find out more about the fabulous venue and what ticketing price category is the fit for you, please click here.

In case you missed it…

A Brand Pretty Damn Excellent New Website Too

In more terrific news, we’ve finally launched our new SGLBA website. This project was led by the tireless and supremely talented (and patient) Derek Bell. Talk about a makeover… I could bang on about how great the website is for hours, or you could just see for yourself here.

Lemons Reboot 

Unless you’ve spent the last few months in a cave re watching the L Word in readiness for the next planned installment, you’ll know that Lemons has relaunched at the Polo Lounge in Oxford Street, Surry Hills. Here’s the thing. You don’t know how great it is once in while on a Friday to pop into a nice low-key intimate bar filled with fabulous queer women and their friends on the way homo from work, until you do it.

The next Lemons is on Friday, 07 July from 6pm. As one of the longest-running ‘women for women by women’ nights in Australia, it continues to deliver with its low-key understated sexiness. So why not pop by and say hello? Hosts Ruby and Amanda are two of the nicest Sydney ladies you’re ever likely to meet, and the new guard of this legendary monthly event.

One More Thing…

I always like a read that makes me smarter, more informed or at least aware of a different view or experience than my own. This week I found a recently published long form article from the New York Times. How to Raise a Feminist Son did the job nicely. Enjoy.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you on the 21st.

Cath Pope
SGLBA Vice President & Women’s Director

Our Primary Event Sponsor

The SGLBA is delighted to have Maurice Blackburn Lawyers contribute to the success of this landmark event.

About Cath Pope – SGLBA Networker Member

Cath Pope sits on the Board of SGLBA where she occupies the role of Vice President and Director of Networking Women. Cath is also the Managing Director of Digital Content Agency, Curated Content.