SGLBA Celebrates 35 Years of Community Service

On behalf of the SGLBA team, thank you for being part of our 35th anniversary celebrations last Wednesday night at Ivy.

It was quite the night!  We heard from some amazing speakers and performers, announced our scholarship with Lander & Rogers (details of which will be provided shortly), and shared a little about our soon-to-be-released website.

We celebrated with friends from past and present – it was great to catch up with so many of you, and we look forward to more of the same in the months ahead.

Lemons with a Twist®

Lemons with a Twist launches at The Polo Lounge on Friday 5 May at 6pm.  It’ll be great to be back on Oxford Street, so if you’ve not been for a while, now is the time to re-engage.

Book your tickets on Eventbrite today.

Click here to contact Ruby Phoenix or Amanda Crammon.

Fruits in Suits®

Fruits in Suits will be back at Upstairs Beresford 20 May. Book your tickets on Eventbrite today.

Click here to contact Antoine Vidal to donate a prize / promote your business.

Long Table Canapés

There’ll be a Long Table Canapés Economic update with Macquarie Bank on Thursday 29 June. Tickets will be available shortly.

Click here to contact the events team.

Networking Women

There’s an exciting event in the pipeline for Networking Women in July / Aug.  

Click here to contact Cath Pope at to find out more about Networking Women.

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We look forward to sharing more photos of the night as they become available.