Media Release: 19 April 2016


Following Telstra’s reaffirmation of their support for for marriage equality, LGBTI business organisations have called on businesses to make sure their voice is heard in the debate.

They say that they are pleased by the outcome but concerned that the Catholic Church has attempted to stifle public debate by pressuring business.

President of GLOBE, David Micallef said: “I applaud Telstra for acknowledging that they made a wrong call and for reaffirming their support for marriage equality.”

He also slammed the Catholic Church for trying to stifle the voice of business.

“Business is a big part of the lives of everyday Australians, it is where we invest a lot of time, and make connections with the community. Business has a right to be  heard on issues that impact our society.

SGLBA President Mark Haines said, “Thank you Telstra for once again publicly standing up for equality, fairness, and diversity.”

“It sends a strong message that organisations such as the Catholic Church have no place meddling in the affairs of those organisations that choose to stand up for what is quite simply the right thing.”

President of the GLBN Brendan Heck says: “Thank you Telstra for standing up to the Catholic Church, reviewing your position on Marriage Equality and deciding to continue your active position of support for it.  

“This is a positive step in the right direction and toward a future of diverse and inclusive business.”

The Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Business and Enterprise (GLOBE) in Melbourne, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association (SGLBA) and the Brisbane Gay and Lesbian Business Network (GLBN) represent LGBTI small and medium business owners and professionals working in some of Australia’s biggest companies.

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IMAGE SOURCE: SkyNews article “Telstra backtracks on marriage equality” published Monday, 18 April 2016.

SGLBA / GLOBE / GLBN updated statement released Telstra and Marriage equality

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