The SGLBA is disappointed at the outcome of the recent Federal Government party room meeting at which it voted against allowing a free vote for Marriage Equality.

SGLBA condemns the Prime Minister’s leadership style and management of the Liberal party room on the issue of same sex marriage.

SGLBA President, Mark Haines says, ‘The PM has stated his personal views on the matter on a number of occasions, and he is welcome to those views. However as the leader of this nation it is his responsibility to look beyond his personal views and allow his party a free vote. A referendum or plebiscite is just another delaying tactic.”

Haines continued, “In the Business community decisions are made by the senior leadership team. Imagine if a Subsidiary Bank was brought into the Parent Bank’s senior leadership team meeting room to make an important decision on banking policy. Business and the economy have been cited by the Prime Minister as his primary focus this term. What he has failed to realise however, is that millions of dollars are flowing to businesses in countries such as New Zealand, where they have marriage equality, which instead should be flowing to businesses in Australia – thus helping our economy.”

The SGLBA congratulates the countless people from politics, the corporate world and the community in general, who have been fighting the good fight. Change is rarely served up on a silver platter.  It needs to be hard-won, and it requires everyone’s engagement to see this fight through to its inevitable conclusion.

‘Tradition,’ so often quoted by opponents as the rationale for not extending equality to all, by its very nature, evolves. If it didn’t we would be stuck in the Dark Ages. That evolution is called ‘progress.’

If the leader of the Liberal party will not allow a free vote for the Coalition party room in the next Parliament, post election, then the the SGLBA would like a Coalition government to consider a referendum in the at the next term of Parliament. That would be a compulsory vote for all Australians to participate in and would bind the Parliament to the result.

SGLBA Statement on Marriage Equality

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